Over the last two years, Fábio has integrated the multidimensionality of these experiences into a single body of work, starting out the 'Crevices' series, bringing resin, lime, plaster, rubber, pigments and many other powerful materials to his canvases. During this same period, he built a geodesic dome to house his studio, serving to provide a mathematical and structural lesson, and as a 'continual body' for his spatial investigations. The passion and utopia so characteristic of his personality mean his undertakings are grandiose, whether because of their energy and effort or because of their scale. Today, without repressing the desire to solely dedicate himself to art, Fábio Benetti investigates and produces as if he were a sailor who enjoys calm and storms of the open sea.

Curated by Juliana Freire


2020 Fabio BenettI