By deconstructing a large artwork, artist Fabio Benetti began a new series that, at its genesis, contained the idea of reusing "trash" from before, adding it to other materials that were also taken from the trash in the Bom
Retiro neighborhood of São Paulo. After reading a major story in the Brazilian press about the nefarious
consequences of Fake News, Fabio put the cover of the magazine behind the painting and began to mix together the material he had collected. Yet when going to make the paintings, he felt it would be a denser production
than usual. The works began to gain additional layers, something like emotional "trash" left in the collective unconscious, a kind of sludge in which all of us as citizens have been placed by the country's situation.
While he watched and experienced the dichotomies, misunderstandings and hate created by the country's elections, he began to artistically purge the entire amalgam of feelings into this series. The result is 6 large paintings, an impressively dense set. The colors, developed at the artist's studio, are always unique and create a feeling
that everything is on this same emotional plane, in contrast with the three- dimensional aspect of the paintings.

Curated by Rogério M. Martins


2020 Fabio BenettI