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Contrary to the extreme rigor and rationality that his old profession as a tax lawyer demanded of him, the painter Fabio Benetti has long been projected as a self-taught person in the universe of his painting. In addition to the courses he attended and accumulated, mostly focused on contemporary art, the impetus or natural impulse to his internal and external personality: chance assuming the sensory compass as the guide of his traits. It is also by chance that the making and mixing of their vibrant and tense colors emerges onto the canvas where they clash. There is no pre-established outline, nor a theme stipulated in advance. Everything is configured and entangled in the very moment of creation, at the mercy of the painter's fickle humor.

This process also permeates the compulsion with which Benetti aspires to experience the most sincere and abrupt feelings that speak to the human soul and only to the human soul – and therefore often inexpressible, making him throw new colors against each other in a free dance and fluid wavelengths. It's as if the palette that composes the different hues of his paintings were the blood poured from his veins after stabbing himself with the brush, tearing his own skin and leaving a space, a crack, through which his soul can then be communicate with the outside world.



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Being the mentor of an artist like Fábio Benetti is a constant exercise in empathy and affection.

A hard work of observation and dialogue is necessary to glimpse, distinguish and separate what is technique, form and content in the works of this wonderful alchemical creator.

Energy is present in every decision. An emotional energy that is clothed in elements and chemical reactions. 

I discovered early on that formatting this artist, that is, systematizing, formulating and domesticating Fábio Benetti's creative process, in favor of a more detailed and richer dialogue, would be killing his creativity, inhibiting his art and not helping his progress.

Thus, I became an advisor-sower of concepts. I waited patiently that each seed would not fail. May it always germinate, even though times always depended on the “fertile land” of this dear artist. But, it is very satisfying to see how plentiful the harvest is now.


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Benetti is a Brazilian artist who uses the power of his brushstrokes to denounce his own concern with the universe of laws. His collage-paintings represent the materiality of the  here and now, the viscosity of  thought-forms, variations of  color-vibrations  innate to the attempt to find a balance between order and chaos.


The artist has followed a self-taught path for over 20 years, parallel to the legal profession. In 2015, inspired by the questions of his existential and spiritual pursuits, many of them supported by the universe of quantum physics, philosophy, alchemy, architecture and personal ruptures, he decided to abandon the Law to dedicate himself exclusively to the practice of a studio. In this transition period, it produces a series of frameworks that are critical of the structures that Western society has built to resolve issues of ethics and justice, in the revision of values that truly promote equality. In this dive or attempt to escape, Fábio spills over into a two-year performance experience, working as a foreman in the interior of São Paulo, without being identified as the owner and author of the work. During this period, he handled mud, silt, garbage, sand, cement, debris, heavy material loads and, in his nonsense, the lightest emotional loads. From this catharsis, the simplicity and beauty of the meaning of the word, 'humanity' is brought closer together.



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