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By deconstructing a work of great proportion, the artist Fabio Benetti started a new series that, in its genesis, had the idea of reusing the “trash” of the previous one, adding it to other materials, also taken from the garbage of the Bom neighborhood Retreat in São Paulo.


Reading a big article in the national press about the disastrous consequences of Fake News, Fabio pasted the cover of the magazine in the part  screen and proceeded to fuse the material it had collected. However, when advancing in the execution of the screens, he felt that it would be  a slightly denser production than usual. The works began to gain other layers, something with an emotional “garbage” deposited in the collective unconscious, this kind of slime that the situation in the country has placed us all as citizens.


While watching and living the dichotomies, misunderstandings and hatred generated by the country's election, he artistically purged in this series all the bitter feelings.


The result is 6 canvases in large formats, the set impresses for its density. The colors, developed within the artist's studio, are always unique and generate the feeling that everything that is on this same emotional plane, in contrast to the three-dimensional aspect of the canvases.

Curated by Rogério M. Martins

OBRAS 2015
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