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Also starting from the premise that chance, for Benetti, is determinant  in  all  at  emotions  and  actions  everyday, the  feelings  humans inevitably configure themselves as unstable. There is no calmness, constancy or inertia in the face of the agonized restlessness of his features.  It is, above all, through this fickle and incalculable perception of life that the artist's interest is supported by the most fascinating magic that governs matter: quantum physics. The engagement in this and other studies that propose to explore the mysteries of existence ended up becoming notorious influences on his canvases, making it possible to structure another parallel to the expressionism of his features: sometimes they seem to separate like atoms of similar charge, sometimes they seem, fatefully, attracting each other like particles of opposite charge. Multiple layers of paint, during the process of genesis, are still built up and destroyed, recklessly digging them out on one side of the canvas and then placing them on another.  Life, like microparticles, obeys an unpredictable flow, from which this painter's brushstrokes nurture a yearning, at any cost, for its capture by diving into the random stream of colors that aspires only to be lost in the infinite.

OBRAS 2015
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